College of Letters & Science Copy Centers

Welcome to the College of Letters and Science Copy Center. We have a new Internet Transaction Server called ALTO where users can quickly, easily, and accurately order electronically with this new system. Business managers can also use ALTO for tracking their Department's printing expenses.

If you already have an ALTO account, please go to the ALTO log in page.

Click here for a powerpoint on using ALTO

New users will have to create an account to place orders. To get your account set up, of if you have a question about required information, please call Mark Janke at 262-0761, or email:

    Please have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Logon ID
  • Department name
  • Department address
  • Department telephone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • The funding string or strings that you will be using to bill jobs to.

For ordering information, please click the appropriate button below.

Information and Services

Digital Photocopy Services
Digital black & white and digital color service. Professional printing of class packets, publications, and many other printing needs. Submit files electronically from the comfort of your office. Call for more information - see contact information.

Finishing Services
Stapling, binding, drilling, cutting, and folding for materials printed at the L&S Copy Centers.

Paper Selection
Standard, Vellum, Cover Stock and Carbonless paper in a wide variety of colors.

Delivery Service
Free pick up and delivery by copy center courier. Large volume jobs will be returned to the department by truck service.